DS106 Reflection

December 2nd, 2010

At the beginning of this class I was a little freaked out about all the work we were going to have to do. However, many of these assignments were fun and interesting so they did not seem so scary when I was actually doing them. That being said, the beginning of the semester was pretty boring with the incredibly long articles we had to read and write about, about a lot of things that I did not understand at all. After we got trough that section of the class, the actual assignments were really interesting. I would have to say my least favorite one was the screen shot with google maps because I had a really hard time finding a place that had street view, and I couldn’t think of a funny story to talk about. The one main problem I had with the assignments was that not a lot was explained in class on how to actually do them, it was mainly just a bunch of examples that we watched in class. You were very available outside of class however, which helped a lot. I just struggled sometimes because computers really aren’t my thing, and I felt that I was expected to know a lot already. My favorite assignment was probably the mash up because I had a lot of fun creating that. Overall I enjoyed most of the assignments, just a little more instruction would have been helpful.
On my own digital story, I had some problems at the beginning. I guess I did not fully understand the project at first so it took me a little while to get started. I was not aware we had to teach something to the class, so I was just going to blog about all the reality TV shows I watch, but then I realized I had to learn something and share it on my blog. This is when I decided to connect the reality shows to my psychology major. Once I figured this out, I pretty much blogged consistently every week on my favorite reality shows.I’m sure I could have posted more about my subject, but writing aobut every single reality show I watch would have taken just about all my time. Singling out a few shows that I felt were important seemed like the best route for me. As for commenting on other people’s blogs, I also started off a little slow with that. I got more into once we had more assignments and other people started blogging more. I felt weird commenting on a post if I had nothing really important to say, that’s why it took me a little while to get used to it.
Overall, this class was a lot of fun and I did learn a lot about different programs used and things like that. I really enjoyed having a class based around the Internet because it is so much different than normal lecture classes that can get really dull and boring. This class kept me interested and since it changed pretty rapidly, I didn’t really have to worry if I did not understand a certain subject. Basically, this class was pretty awesome ?.

Wrapping Up!

November 30th, 2010

So I am going to wrap up my reality tv blog because the Buried Life is over, and so is the semester! So weird. I basically want to write about what I learned from watching all the reality tv shows, and which was my favorite, etc. I think we all know that the Buried Life was my favorite, because it was the most “real” out of all the shows. Its weird, but you can just tell when you watch it that it is not scripted and all the boys are just real in what they want. The only thing I did not like as much about this season was that they changed the way they helped people. Last season, they would go around and ask random people on the street what they wanted to do before the die, and if someone had a really good answer they would help them. This season, they would travel to random places and help people who wrote to them or facebooked them, which I didnt like as much. They also put hte helping to the back burner on this season. It was a much bigger deal last season, and they didnt even show them helping people in some episodes this season. With all of this in mind, the show is still my favorite reality show that is on tv now. While watching all these shows, I figured out that the people who do partake in reality shows are usually very outgoing, competitive, and easily answered people. This is really shown in The Challenge, which I wrote about a lot. Of course, I do not know what was scripted and what was not in this show, but I do know that with all the type A personalities under one roof, it was bound to get out of control. Most of the competition reality shows are filled with these types of people, because that is the most exciting to viewers. Sometimes you can tell when the producers change something for ratings, and other times it seems real. Basically, we all know these shows are not really “reality”, but we all still watch them because they are fun and interesting to follow these peoples lives.

Friends Homage

November 22nd, 2010

So I dont really understand what I am supposed to do for this project, so I made a video using my obsession, Friends. I made a video using the theme song and clips from when the characters hug. Hope you like it! (Im sure this has been done before, but I swear I thought of it on my own and cut the clips myself!)

Friends Homage from Jessica Houck on Vimeo.

Friends Video

November 18th, 2010

So I already posted that my obsession is with Friends, so I decided to show a video of one of my favorite episodes. My real favorite episode (I can quote the whole entire episode by myself) I didnt show because you really have to know the characters for it to be funny. So here is a clip from “THe one with the late thanksgiving”. The whole episode is so funny but this is just a little clip. There is no embed code so here is the link:

My Obsession…

November 17th, 2010

My obsession is the show FRIENDS!!!!!! the greatest show ever made :). I have all 10 seasons on dvd and I watch it every night before I go to sleep, when I finish season 10, I start over. I own just about every Friends board game there is, and I beat everyone whenever we play. I quote it all the time, and my family gets mad at me. On thanksgiving last year, my sister made a drinking game of whenever I quoted it or made a reference to it everyone had to drink. Pretty awesome :). Lets just say that Friends relates a lot to real life and I find the perfect opportunities to quote it! Gotta love Friends!

Streetview Screencast

November 15th, 2010

Ok here is my screencast, sorry its so boring! I dont have a very exciting hometown.

Sreetview Screencast from Jessica Houck on Vimeo.

The Challenge: Social Groups

November 14th, 2010

Every week on the Challenge, the teams that lose have to nominate a guy and a girl to go into the gulag, or elimination round to play against the other losing teams players they chose. Each individual goes into a separate room that is sound proof so no body knows who they vote for. Sometimes the teams deliberate before a decide who they ar going to vote for, but sometimes they just let everyone decide for themselves. On one of the teams, there is a married couple so of course they look out for one another. The girl who is married, Tori, told another girl, Camilla, that she would not send her into the gulag because she felt bad for her or somthing. However, when Camilla went back into the room to vote for the gulag she voted in Brad, Tori’s husband. Tori found out that Camilla voted for Brad and flipped out because she saved Camilla, but she then said that no matter what hse is voting for her every single time until she goes home (harsh!). But after watching this I wanted to know why Camilla would go along with Tori and make her feel bad for her, when all along she was voting for Brad, and relate this to how people act when they are part of a social group. I think this situation relates to something called groupthink which is a kind of thinking in which maintaining group cohesiveness and solidarity is more important than considering facts in a realistic manner. Camilla probably did not want to upset Tori so she just lied because she figure keeping the group happy was better than telling the truth, until someone told Tori who she voted for and that whole plan backfired. People usually act different when they are in the presense of a group, such as not trying as hard as you normally would if you were by yourself, or not giving your opinion because you dont want to be opposite of the group, so this whole show can relate to groups because they are always with these people.

The Challenge Confessionals

November 10th, 2010

Ok so I found a video on Mtv.com of some of the players talking about the last show. The video is kind of long, but the first thing they talk about is crazy Ty, so its kind of funny. Enjoy!

The Challenge: CutthroatMTV Shows

November 9th, 2010

So since I have posted so much about this show, I decided to put up their bucket list. I found it on their facebook and I wanted to share it! A lot of the ones they havent crossed off yet are helpful, so I dont know why they havent crossed it off yet. Just thought it was interesting!

Jaws Beyond The Sea

November 8th, 2010

Ok so I have a feeling someone else is going to do Jaws also, since we talk about it all the time in class. Jaws was not my first choice, I really wanted to do something with Finding Nemo. However, when I was watching the Finding Nemo Trailer this song was playing and I thought it was perfect to use with Jaws, pretty much the opposite of Finding Nemo. I wanted to try and change Jaws to be a happy go lucky film. Hope it turned out ok!

Jaws Beyond the Sea from Jessica Houck on Vimeo.